Excellence in OPC and PPC
Cement Production

We stand as a prominent cement enterprise in Nepal, making a strategic foray into the manufacturing sector during a critical era when imported cement dominated the market. We are committed to delivering excellence in 43 grade OPC and PPC cement production.

Saptakoshi Cement has established a strong presence and reputation in the Nepali construction sector for over two decades. Located in Biratnagar, our state-of-the-art factory operates on a closed circuit production system, ensuring meticulous quality control every step of the way. With a daily production capacity of 15,000 bags, we specialize in the production of high-quality OPC and PPC cement. Our dedication to quality goes beyond the factory floor, as we rigorously test our products in private laboratories to ensure they meet the highest national standards, guaranteeing that our customers receive the finest cement and cement-related products like flyash and gypsum available.

Our investments have propelled us into a pivotal role within the industry, with substantial ownership stakes in two major cement firms. One of our most noteworthy endeavors is Shivam Cement, a source of great pride as the first publicly traded cement company in Nepal. Founded in 2003, Shivam Cement has played a pivotal role in Nepal’s cement landscape, consistently meeting the nation’s growing demand for premium cement. Boasting an impressive daily production capacity of 3,000 tonnes, Shivam Cement has firmly established itself as a key player in fulfilling Nepal’s burgeoning cement needs.

Furthermore, our partnership with Hongshi Cement, a major foreign direct investment (FDI) enterprise in Nepal, has also marked a significant milestone. Hongshi Cement’s remarkable daily production capacity of 6,000 tonnes serves as a testament to its excellence in cement manufacturing.

Our primary focus remains firmly on ensuring the availability of top-quality cement, reducing reliance on imports, and fostering the holistic growth of the nation.

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